1 January 2015

Jeans for Genes

Children's Medical Research Institute Penny Mole
Penny Mole

Jeans for Genes was established in 1994 by Children’s Medical Research Institute (CMRI) and has evolved into one of Australia’s most iconic fundraising campaigns.

Donations from the campaign help to fund revolutionary research that helps diagnose, understand, and find cures or treatments for conditions affecting kids, including genetic diseases, cancer and epilepsy.

Since the campaign’s conception, national fundraising efforts have achieve a number of major breakthroughs for CMRI. Some of these amazing achievements are:

  • Established an ongoing ‘vector’ engineering program that is designing new ways to cure many genetic diseases using gene therapy.
  • Discovered a cure for genetic liver disease, with clinical trials about to begin.
  • Partnered with The Children’s Hospital at Westmead on the first-ever gene therapy clinical trial in Australia, which corrected SCIDX1-deficiency (boy in the bubbly disease).
  • Found a single genetic defect can cause cleft lip and palate
  • Discovered dozens of genes causing blindness and introduced genetic testing for these and other conditions, so families can be counselled.
  • Genetic identification of previously uncharacterised types of aplastic anaemia, which now helps children and teens survive bone marrow transplant to treat the disease.
  • Discovered a new class of drugs to treat the 1 in 3 epileptics not helped by current medication (now in pre-clinical trials).
  • Launched a world-first project to revolutionise cancer diagnosis and personalise treatment planning.

Firm Contributions

Every year at Bennett & Philp, we support Jeans for Genes through fundraising efforts organised by our de facto fundraising coordinator, paralegal, Penny Mole.

Each year, on the first Friday of August, Penny puts on a fundraising morning tea or similar event for the firm. Decked out in our favourite jeans, everyone is encouraged to participate in the day’s activities which may include a bake-off, trivia or, for a select few volunteers, selling Jeans for Genes merchandise on the streets of Brisbane CBD to help boost our donations. Penny can be found planning these activities multiple times a year as the firm celebrates Pink Ribbon Day, Daffodil Day, Red Nose Day and Bandana Day.

In 2019, the firm recorded its highest donation collection for Jeans 4 Genes Day yet!



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