22 November 2019

Top 10 Legal Considerations for Start Ups

The Complete Start Up Guide Nadia Sabaini
Nadia Sabaini Commercial Lawyer

So you have decided to start a new business? You have a novel idea or a better way of doing things. What’s next?

Our business advisory director, Nadia Sabaini, has prepared a guide detailing the top ten actions to consider when embarking on a new business journey. The guide covers a host of important issues which are crucial to address to launch your business effectively.

Nadia lists these 10 legal considerations for start ups as your best chance for success:

  1. Make a real business plan.
  2. Choosing the right advisor.
  3. Choosing the right business structure to suit the future.
  4. Signing a shareholders agreement, why you need it, and what it should cover.
  5. Registering your intellectual property.
  6. Having your licenses and policies in place.
  7. Taking care when choosing how to finance your business.
  8. Signing employee agreements and what yours should cover.
  9. Avoid using online purchased terms and conditions.
  10. Taking out insurance cover.

You can read an in-depth view on the pursuit of each action in the complete Top 10 Legal Considerations for Start Ups eBook.

Find it by following the download link below.


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